Vending machine

Why would you invest in a fruit and vegetable vending machine? The answer is simple: time gain. In home sales, this is the main reason. Other reasons are the fact that you can determine your own selling price, offer a wide variety of products and you’re not dependant on intermediaries. The trend “from farm to customer” is obvious like this.

The vending machines of Vendavid have multiple unique qualities due to continuously research. The structure of the vending machines with carousel system ensures that a very large capacity is created on a limited surface. There is a wide choice of sizes for the compartments and the layers.

The benefits in order

  • Time gain
  • Low labour costs
  • Large offer in a limited space
  • Open 24/7
  • Easy payment options
  • Adaptable to your own needs

The principle

The carousel creates the FIFO-principle: first in, first out. In other words, the products that are the first to be put in the vending machine will be the first to be sold. This avoids empty boxes or old products.
The sustainable vending machines are manufactured according to traditional methods and they are equipped with a specific counter module for annual, weekly or even daily sales.

Placement and service

After delivery and start-up, the vending machines are immediately ready to use. They can be installed wherever there is electricity available: at your company, at the market square, at a colleague’s place…
Service is essential to us. This is why we are maximally accessible for possible interventions. The aim of our service after the sale is to help our clients as well and as quickly as possible. We offer a two-year warranty.