The chassis of the vending machines is made of sandblasted, metallized and powder-coated metal. This makes the machines extremely appropriate for outdoor use. The framework consists of 60 mm sandwich panels and the lean-to is finished with wood. The layers, compartments and the framework are made of stainless steel; the roof is anodised aluminium.

The standard dimensions are:
    Width: 2,50 metres
    Depth: 3,00 metres
    Height: 2,30 metres


The structure of the vending machine depends on the products that will be sold. Because of our unique system, there is a wide range of possibilities. We fully address these to your needs.


Heights of the layers: 150, 170, 200, 230, 290 and 340mm.
Between four and eight layers can be created.

Number of boxes

9, 12, 15, 18 or 24 boxes can be made per layer.
Besides, the number of boxes can vary from layer to layer.


Since there are folded and non-folded backs, the depth of the boxes can be adjusted to your choice.

Equipment and options

The vending machines are equipped with a payment terminal that accepts both coins and banknotes. They are also provided with heating, ventilation and LED lighting, which can be individually adjusted. Consumption is estimated at 1kWh if the heating is not used. A number of options are also possible, such as an SMS module, kWh counter, card reader


It is possible to have one or more vending machines fully custom-made. For example, we have already built machines for inside use, double vending machines for extra capacity, etc.

We like to make time to discuss your specific needs.